16 de junho de 2010


1: (...) i mean, i love you, you know that right?
2: how could i possibly not be aware of this if you keep telling me all the time?
1: i'm sorry if it gets annoying, i just say it that much because i know where we are going
2: oh really? where are we going?
1: we are going to break up.
2: what? why are you saying that? do you want to break up wimme?
1: of course not, look at us, we are this perfectly little couple of broken people
2: we are meant to be
1: i know that, that's why we are going to break up, people don't get to be so happy for too long, it's just how it is.
2: i just don't like it when you start talking about those things, i remember when you said that life has its steps. like "we fall in love, we forget our past broken heart, we live every moment at the fullest and then it's gone"
1: exactly, i love you so much right now, love you with all my strength and it wont be enough, something is going to happen, it doesn't really matter what, it will and it will tear us apart
2: nothing is going to happen, i promise you, i wont let anything happen to us, to what we have now.
1: what i meant was,  something already happened.
2: you are creeping me out, what happened? tell me, if can't be true, this is probably one of your jokes that i never get it
1: i'm sorry, it's not a joke, like is a joke. do you really wanna know what happened?
2: i do, just tell me
1: okay, love happened to us. and although it's been a perfect little broken relationship between these two messy persons (which i also like to call "us"), it won't be good, love brings all the bad stuff with itself, sadness, excessive loneliness when the other one is not around, it's everything that people don't need in their lives.
2: that's stupid
1: i know it is, that's why they keep telling us fairytales, so we believe that there is such a thing like happily ever after, when in fact, there isn't.


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