22 de novembro de 2010


wake up. watch tv. study. read. listen to music. try not to think about you. think about you. watch tv. think about you. sleep.
after all this time, i usually get to think i got over you. i'm not saying that i won't get interested in other people because i will, i did. it's just never like the way it was with you. i don't hang out much and maybe that's the problem. i'm not an outgoing person, i'd rather stay in watching tv shows and reading books. they make me feel better for connecting to a story and forgetting about my own. guess what i'm trying to say is: - get away from my mind. i know that even if you tried it would be worthless since it's on me.

i will watch all my dreams come true and none of them will be the one that i'm with you. it's 11:09 AM right now,  f.r.i.e.n.d.s is on and i should probably go watch it and not think about you 'til midday. then, i will go online and start the cycle all over again.



julho agridoce

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