13 de abril de 2011

Keeping up with... me?

Hey, it's been a freaking long time since I last updated... I blame it on the lazyness! Here are some updates:
It was just upon recently that the city I live got an upgrade in the speed connection, that used to get to 1mbps and thanks to Oi Inc. can get up to 5mbps (which is obviously, my speed connection since then). Sadly enough, by the mid-march 'til the time I'm currently typing this entry, every time I try to download some archive my download speed don't get any higher than 30kbps, which is unacceptable, I could deal wish a least 420kbps since my internet is shared with other 3 computers. By being questioned about this situation, internet company states: "We are going thru some problems, which are already being taken care of and by april 10th every thing shall be solved". Course it wasn't, it's already the 13th and the problem remains at it's fullest (or lowest, got it? internet connection -> slow. no? okay). I'm extremely late on keeping up with tv shows and I haven't found a new artist to add to my music library in weeks! (that's quite frustrating), my virtual life is completely numb (can't thing of a better adjective). I'm nearly having a breakdown, having internet and not being able to download shit is one of the worst things, like, EVER. Anyway, cutting the crap off, here are some of the photos I took since the last entry. Some of them are available on my flickr, there's probably a link on the sidebar.


  1. dividir internet deve ser tão ruim :/

    ps: pq vc colocou essa foto de alpino fast aí? agora deu vontade de fazer gordice :x



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