14 de maio de 2011

Do you feel like you belong?

Been doing a lot of thinking before the "hit the hay" time, and I guess I figured it all out. It's funny that only when you lose something or someone you thought were important you realize that they weren't, I mean, at first you kind of miss the time you used to spent together, after a few weeks you realize it was just a routine, you got used to that and maybe changing it, even if it wasn't your intention, is the best option you have. Having a lot more free time and not worrying wether someone is gonna open the door to talk shit and make you feel uncomfortable about what you're looking up at the computer's screen... it's quite like freedom, and for a cancer (I'm a cancer, yay \o\) having this sudden changes is never a good thing, which was probably the reason why I got so mad at first, but you know what? I'm quite happy about how things turned out. On the other hand, I've struggling with some school paper shit I need to get done, so many things, among them all there's a ONE THOUSAND questions about general history which must be exhausting, funny thing is that it isn't like homework or something, it's just an exercise that I really wanna do. Ancient greek and mythology is such an interesting topic, don't you agree? Well, I should probably do something else right now, wanna know what it is? Spent some time looking for things at eBay, even tho I never buy anything (I need the guts to do it after being "rick-rolled" in a previous purchase). See you later alligators. 


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