18 de março de 2011

friday friday fun fun fun

Joining Rebecca Black just for the sake of cheering friday up!! I don't really have a lot to talk about or even photos to put it up. So I'd just post random ones I will take right now. [...] [...] [taking the photos] [...] [...]. Okay, I'd probably commit myself a bit more on the whole blogging process and eventually take my camera with me to some places (i.e: if I ever get anywhere out).
Been missing taking photos, last time was weeks ago, too bad I'm putting this mirror-shit shot.
Watched Elizabethtown last monday, soundtrack never fails to amaze me. Plus Kirsten is in it so everything just fits.
Whenever I get home I'm just so tired I can't even stand sitting in front of the computer for more than 1,5 hour so the iPod has been doing a lot for me lately as I can't stand my netbook in bed with me, maybe the situation changes when (if ever) I buy a macbook! :P Not gonna happen soon since I've no frigging paper in my wallet and a job doesn't seem like an available option. That's pretty much it for this entry, x.


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