20 de março de 2011

world spins madly on / supermoon

So I set higher hopes to this saturday, which was great because it wasn't a bad day at all. Just enjoyed the whole "do nothing for a day". Also played a lot of Super Mario in a red Wii ♡.
I also took photos, they weren't that great but it was worth the fun of doing it rather than being pleased with the results, I don't know but I'm really "numb", in a way that nothing really seems to matter (don't get me wrong I mean in a good way) maybe that's happening because it's a Supermoon night, isn't it awesome? It's actually the first time in the last 18 years that it happens (the supermoon is when a full moon happens when the moon is the closest to the earth as it can be at the moment). I'd definitely remember that big-beautiful moon shining up in the dark sky. Memorable mates, memorable. Well, I'd show you some of the photos I took early in the day.
I also printed an awesome/beautiful illustration from an amazing Edinburg's based artist. I just feel really connected to it, it's a delicate piece of art, we should all take a good look by listening do Damien's songs, specifically the "I Remember" from the O album. Not sure about you but it does good to me.

It is now hanging in my not-so-great wall right next to my Juno's print. I'm starting to think about getting a lot more prints that inspire me and putting them up in a good place, probably near my computer but still trying to figure that out as it doesn't have a spot left anywhere near my desk, oh wait... I should get a room makeover! But it won't happen 'cos I'm broke and scarcely gettingg to get paid in the near future. That being said I really need to buy some frames though, lol.
It's already sunday at the moment I'm writing this post (precisely 12:13am), so let's just hope my sunday turns out like a decent day, which I hardly thing is going to happen. Take care xx


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