22 de setembro de 2011

10 Things I learned from F.R.I.E.N.D.S

1) Character: there's isn't a single 100% altruist good deed. It doesn't matter if you don't really want to get something from it, you will end up getting it anyway. That's okay if the benefit you did to others was as big as or greater than your own.

2) Clothing: You DO NOT wear leather pants if it's too hot outside or/and if it's your first date going out with a girl.

3) Food: Food shouldn't be shared or eaten of someone else's plate, it's okay to eat the dessert while your date goes to the bathroom though. It is also okay to mix custard with beef.

4) Family: Brothers and sisters can have each others sons/daughters and not be judged about it. It's also allowed to do a dance number from High School on national television.

5) Health: Take care of your health even it implies running like a crazy person in the park.

6) Money: You will never stop paying the bills , even if you spend the whole day drinking coffee and chit-chatting at the Café near your house, or never going to the gym.

7) Pets: You can have monkeys, ducks and even chickens at home since you're willing to gamble your apartment just to keep them.

8) Emergency: If it's for save your friend's life or ease the pain away, you can pee on him/her (as long as you NEVER talk about it again).

9) Furniture: foosball tables are far more important than dining ones, besides, you can get thru life with a canoe and old "pool furniture" in the living room.

10) Friendship: It doesn't matter how long it has been or that people had grow old, changed or moved out… true friendship will never notice it, and if it does, it won't make any difference.


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