2 de outubro de 2011

Hard time for dreamers.

October wasn't exactly a gentleman, this has been a really tough week. My dad just lost his car and we can't really afford to buy another one right away. I'm not really into talking about personal life, I feel that as I get older, the less I talk about personal issues with other people. I've really put an effort on updating flickr this week which was great and led me to my highest number of views in a day, that is 1.888. So I'd get the photos up on here too, they all showed Grey's Anatomy's quotes (one of my favorite television series).

Here's an advice.
Here's an advice on Flickr
Have any of you ever watched it? People usually think it's too girlie and boys shouldn't be watching it but I highly disagree with those statements, yes it is a drama show and it focus on personal matters of Meredith but it also has a lot of life lessons on friendship and relationships that are pretty much for both genders to be learned about. It mainly teach us to care, and that's never a bad thing... is it?

It's not perfect.
It's not perfect on Flickr
Within the last couple events I've been feeling emotional and taking these photos was they way I found to loosen up a bit, it meant a lot that other people liked 'em so much. It's great to feel "recognized" over something you love so much.

Once in a while.
Once in a while on Flickr
Changing subjects a bit. I know it's random but I just have to talk about it, Tiago Iorc has just released his new single titled Story of a Man up on his website, which I completely love everything about, the lyrics, the melody, it all just makes sense. It's free for download and you all should give it a go, here's the music video for it that is also displayed on his webpage. 


  1. Love this post <3

    (I came across your blog through some pictures)

    The title caught me; I loved how you referred to October as a person--what a clever way to put it :D

    I haven't really watched Grey's Anatomy, but I loved how you summed it up as a show that teaches people to care <3

    And your photos really are simply gorgeous~

    Just sharing my compliments :)



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