6 de outubro de 2011


Just so we're clear, I haven't written the text below. All rights belong to Terry Lucy (which blog you should check out (of course, if you're into technology)).

It’s telling that fans, pundits, bloggers and rivals refer to Mr. Jobs by his first name. Renouned for his low-key behaviour and privacy, not that many people outside of his close circles must have known him too well. A single-word reply in an email was the most contact a lucky few would have with him.
Though we all feel like we knew him a little bit. 
I think that is a mark of a man who imprints his D.N.A. into everything he is involved in. As we use the devices that we spend our spare time writing about, talking about and tinkering with, Steve’s personality, genius and influence are all visable, and by interacting with the devices that he held such great influence over, we are, in a way, interacting with the man himself. 
To be inspired, you must surround yourself with insipiration. I take much inspiration from Apple products, as I have mentioned on this blog before. Steve is responsible for the gadgets we have come to use throughout every aspect of our lives daily lives, be it for business or recreaton, Steve’s influence is unmissable.
The outpour of condolences and blog posts show that it’s not just Apple that “has lost a visionary and creative genius,” it is those that have followed the company and made careers, and more importantly, friends out of the products that Steve signed off in his time.
Apple’s product releases have helped to shape and mould the goals of my best friend Myke and I. We started a podcast because of it, we have met some wonderful people because of it, and eventually, we will be able to spend our days doing what we love because of it.
I thank Steve, and Apple, for igniting a passion which has overtaken my life, strengthened my friendship with Myke, whom I hold so dear, and making the world smile.
I have no doubt that Steve’s influence will continue to shape the way we use and interact with technology for years to come. We are, of course, talking about a man who shelved the iPad in 2001 because it wasn’t ready.
There’s Gates, there’s Brin and Page, Berners-Lee and Dell. There’s even Zuckerburg and Dorsey. But there is only one Steve.
Here's one of my favourite  speeches of all time, by the man himself: Steve Jobs.

 1955 — † 2011


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