28 de outubro de 2011

Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson - Why I think everyone should read it

The long-waited biography of the mind behind Apple’s success is finally out. We were awaiting for this book even before Steve passed away, which was something that hit us with an enormous amount of shock, yet it made us wish for this book even more.

For every single one of us Steve Jobs was behind, at least of one moment that have had defined us as who we are today. He changed the industry not only once or twice, he kept trying to amaze us (as in a society) to do better and to think different. We all have called the man by his first name even though we’ve never even met him, he managed to become a friend of ours, an inspiration or in the worst case scenario: a good role model.

We should all get to know him a little better and though it may not be as if we are one of his closest friends, it’s better than just keep imagining. The book starts up with a great amount of personal photographs that have already been seen on the 60 Minutes documentary, they were all shot by his close friend and photographer Diana Walker.

I haven’t started the book yet, I’ve only flipped some pages and I’m excited to do so. The book talks about the creative process of Steve’s, his relationships with co-workers and how he felt after memorable keynotes, in both good and bad ways.

You can get your copy via iTunes or Amazon. I will probably get a hard-cover book after finishing my digital version, only because I think this biography is something I’d like to keep in my coffee table or right beside my bed. I also think Steve would be really proud of ourselves for having one on our iDevice (whichever it is).


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