21 de março de 2011

sweet monday

So it was an awesome monday (is this real life?) apart from the fact that the power went off for the whole afternoon and it was so hot, dear god, why do I have to live in such a warm city? Geez. Anyway, today was the last day of Wanessa here in our house, she came to spend the carnival holidays with her boyfriend (he's my flatmate) and she's going back home to her city 1000 miles away from us, which is pretty sad but we had a few people over, including Gabi that is currently working at organizing and styling different kinds of parties as a job apart from studying architecture and interior design, with all that going on she still managed to learn how to make some really delicious stuff and she brought us a whole bunch of cupcakes and I must say, they were so tasteful and fluffy. Of course, as I promised to commit myself to blog about things that happen I took a few photos to put it up.


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